The first Italian mobile UI design competition.

Milan, Italy May, 2019

Total prizes of 40K€.

250€ to each participant to The Awards.

All expenses (including travel and accommodation to The Awards) will be covered by Bending Spoons.

Applications Closed

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What is Designflows?

Designflows is a nationwide mobile UI design contest whose winners will be announced and awarded in Milan on May 11, 2019. Are you either Italian or working or living in Italy? We want to celebrate those who aim to take mobile UI design to new heights. Ready to show what you've got? Apply now!

Earn yourself the spotlight.

If you're really into mobile UI design and you’re up for a challenge, Designflows is your best chance to showcase your talent and face off against the best of the best of the Italian design community.

Important money prizes.

Prizes will be extremely generous: if you get on the medal stand, you’ll be awarded 15K€ for #1, 10K€ for #2, and 5K€ for #3. If you’re among the 40 participants invited to The Awards, you'll be assigned an additional prize of 250€, independently of your ranking.

We'll pay, you'll show your talent.

Applying is free. For those who make it to The Awards, all expenses (including travel and accommodation in the center of Milan) will be covered.

Meet first-rate designers.

Qualifying to The Awards won't be child's play, so, if you make it that far, you’ll be duly recognized as one of the most skilled UI designers nationwide. Connect with many extraordinarily passionate and talented people!

Made by Bending Spoons.

With nearly 300,000 new users downloading our apps every day, we’re one of the most exciting fast-growing tech companies in Europe. Our brand new office will be the backdrop for The Awards.

The contest

On January 25, 2019, at 7 p.m. CET, each participant will receive a link to a creative brief describing the specifications for a mobile UI design. Instructions will be reasonably narrow, so there’s no point starting now, before reading them, but participants can expect to be asked to design an icon and two or three screens (for either iPhone or an Android smartphone).

The deadline for submission will be January 27, 2019, at 9 p.m. CET. Being even one second late will mean unappealable disqualification. A score will be determined for each participant based on the quality of their work and prizes will be assigned accordingly. More details below: keep reading!

The Jury

We worked hard to assemble an outstanding jury, and they’re going to have to work even harder to evaluate your work 😅

  • Michael Flarup

    Designer & Entrepreneur

    Michael is a Danish designer & entrepreneur. He runs entertainment studio Northplay, Pixelresort and design resource platform Apply Pixels. He’s got a treasure-trove of experience creating his own companies, leading teams of developers and designers and working on countless of successful products, games and services.

  • Fabio Basile

    Designer & Entrepreneur

    Fabio is self-taught digital designer specialised in UI and UX, holding a combined Bachelor's Degree in software engineering and games development. He's the co-founder of Studio Fortnight (, a boutique design studio based in Manchester and London, UK.

  • Michal Simkovic

    Product Designer & Art Director

    Director of Design at HackerRank (previously Amazon). Palo Alto-based designer with 15+ years of experience. Clients list include companies like Google, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Peugeot. Led design for multiple Y-combinator startups.

  • Marco Coppeto

    Designer & Creative Director

    Marco is an Italian multidisciplinary Digital Designer with 12+ years experience designing digital products, brands, and experiences with clients including Facebook, ESPN, Red Bull, Nike, Volkswagen and more. Currently working at Ueno New York as a Design Lead.

  • Claudio Guglieri

    Designer & Creative Director

    Claudio Guglieri is a designer and creative director now working on his own studio at In the past Claudio lead the visual direction of Fluent Design, Microsoft's own design system. He has done extensive work in the UK and the US where he drove the design efforts for a variety of clients such as Apple, CNN, Reuters, Google and Viacom among others.

The venue

Bending Spoons is happy to host the event in their brand-new office in the center of Milan.

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Applications Closed